LGM Racing and Development R&D Mission and Capabilities:

Mission:  To utilize the latest in computer aided drafting, finite element analysis, and other engineering simulations to design optimal products.  This will include design for manufacture techniques, coupled with a best of breed approach, to control cost without sacrificing quality.

Capabilities:  LGM Racing and Development currently employs two HP quad dual core servers with an average of 24 gigabytes of ram for use in engineering operations. While costly to deploy, they allow LGM Racing and Development to draft and rapidly simulate products through a wide range of conditions. With the combination of software, hardware and engineering experience at our disposal we are able to design high quality, effective products that are efficient to produce. This allows us to deliver high end products that can be sold at sportsman racer prices; the MISSION of LGM Racing and Development. 


Here are a few snapshots of a prototype developed by the R&D team.



In the first example, the rocker is meshed with a standard amount of elements. 


This outlines the standard simulation setting and will allow the server to complete a solution within 2 minutes. 


The second snapshot is the same rocker but with a much finer mesh.


 This adds over 1 million additional points for the program to compute adding resolution to the simulation.  This simulation will, however, take much longer to complete (1-2 hours) tying up the machine and adding to overall costs.


The third snapshot shows the output of the program at the standard resolution with forces applied to simulate operational load. 


This output is used by the development team to enhance the design of the rocker assemblies without having to tool up, produce a prototype run, and then test the product on a mule engine….significantly reducing overall costs and saving the customer money! 


Current Projects:

Brodix -10X, Brodix Canted Valve, BMP Merlin X, Dart Big Chief